Pronouns: Relatives and reciprocal pronouns

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Personal and object pronouns

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Demonstratives pronouns
for timing and feelings

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Demonstratives pronouns
to show something

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Possessive Pronouns

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Relative pronouns

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Reciprocal pronouns

Grammar in use

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What is a relative pronoun?

main clauserelative pronounrelative clause
My mother always bakes cakeswhichare delicious.

A relative pronoun refers to a person or thing mentioned before. It introduces a relative clause. There are 5 relative pronouns.

Relative PronounUsed forFunctionExample
whopeoplesubjectThe woman who called is a friend.
whompeopleobjectThe woman whom I called is a friend.
whosepeoplepossessionThe man whose car is here is my brother.
or object
The car which is coming is Ben’s car.
The car which Ben drives is new.
or things
or object
The woman that called is a friend.
The car that Ben drives is new.

Language Tips on Relative Pronouns

“Sometimes we use “who‟ for the object in the sentence, instead of „whom‟. It is more formal to use “whom‟.

The woman whom I called is a friend. (formal)
The woman who I called is a friend. (less formal)

Sometimes, when the relative pronoun is the object in the sentence, we do not say it.

The woman I called is a friend.

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