Pronouns: Relatives and reciprocal pronouns

1st Part
Personal and object pronouns

2nd Part
Demonstratives pronouns
for timing and feelings

3rd Part
Demonstratives pronouns
to show something

4rd Part
Possessive Pronouns

5rd Part
Relative pronouns

6rd Part
Reciprocal pronouns

Grammar in use

  • Topic: Reciprocal pronouns
  • Skills : Grammar


What is a reciprocal pronoun?

They love each other.

The men were fighting one another.

We use a reciprocal pronoun when each of two or more subjects is acting in the same way towards the other(s). There are 2 reciprocal pronouns: “each other” and “one another”. In theory, we use “each other” for 2 people and “one another” for 3 or more people, but this distinction is no longer made much. ‘each other’ is more commonly used.

Andrea loves Jason and Jason loves Andrea: they love each other.
The 5 children were blaming one another.

It is possible to use the possessive with reciprocal pronouns.

They looked at each other’s faces.

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