Tense: Past perfect ou Pluperfect continuous – Grammar in use

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Grammar in use

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Grammar in use

  • Topic : HAD BEEN +VB-ING
  • Skills : Grammar


The past perfect continuous is used to talk about actions or events which started before a particular time in the past and were still in progress up to that time in the past.

Example:  She had been working at that company for a year when she met Nicolas.

The Past Perfect ou Pluperfect continuous is used to focus on the duration of an action in the past. (+ time marker).
Avec le past perfect et un marqueur de temps on insiste sur la durée d’une action au passé. (bilan au passé)
He had been working for six hours.

Since Christmas, he had been travelling overseas frequently.
The Past Perfect continuous is used to focus on the impact/ the consequences of a past action on another past action.
Avec le past perfect continu on insiste sur l’impact d’une action passée sur une autre action passée.(valeur de résultat)
What had you been doing to impress him so much? 
(= he already knew him) 

Adverbs and phrases used with the Past perfect

forsincebeforeby the timeall day/night/week/month/year.

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