Pronouns: Personal and object pronouns

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Personal and object pronouns

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Demonstratives pronouns
for timing and feelings

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Demonstratives pronouns
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Possessive Pronouns

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Relative pronouns

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Reciprocal pronouns

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  • Topic : Personal Pronouns vs Object Pronouns
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What is a personal pronoun?
A noun is a word that is a person, an animal, a place, an object or an idea.

Laura is happy
She is happy

This fish is yellow
It is yellow.

The boy sells lemonade.
He sells it.

A personal pronoun represents a person, an animal, a place, an object or an idea. It replaces a noun.
There are 2 types of personal pronouns: subjective pronouns and objective pronouns.

A subjective pronoun is the subject in the sentence:

Subject pronounExample
II am nice
you (singular or plural)you are nice
he (male)he is nice
she (female)she is nice
it (neuter)it is nice
wewe are nice
theythey are nice

An objective pronoun is the object in the sentence.

Object PronounExample
meTom likes me
you (singular or plural)Tom likes you
him (male)Tom likes him
her (female)Tom likes her
it (neuter)Tom likes it
usTom likes us
themTom likes them

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