Pronouns: Demonstratives pronouns

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Personal and object pronouns

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Demonstratives pronouns
for timing and feelings

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Demonstratives pronouns
to show something

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Possessive Pronouns

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Relative pronouns

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Reciprocal pronouns

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  • Topic: Demonstratives pronouns to show something
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What is a demonstrative?

Look at this!

Look at that!

Look at these!

Look at those!

A demonstrative is a word used to show something. What you show can be near or far from you. It can be singular or plural.
There are four demonstratives:
this (singular, near)
that (singular, distant)
these (plural, near)
those (plural, distant)

A demonstrative can be used before a noun. In this case, it is called a determiner.A demonstrative can be used alone, without a noun. In this case, it is a pronoun.
This chair is very comfortable.
I need that jacket.
Do you like these shoes?
He does not want those documents.
This is very comfortable.
I need that.
Do you like these?
He does not want those.

Language Tip on the Pronunciation of “this”, “these” and “those”
“this” is pronounced “thiss”.
“these” is pronounced “thiz”.
“those” is pronounced “thoz”.

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