Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives

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Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives

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Adjectives : possessive adjectives

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What is the comparative ?

The chicken is bigger than the frog.

What is the superlative ?

The cow is the biggest.


We use comparatives and superlatives to compare nouns.

Main UseTo compare 2 things and show the superiority, equality or inferiority of one of themTo compare more than 2 things and speak about extremes (the first, the last…)
SuperiorityShort Adjectives:
(adj. + ‘er’) + than
The cat is smaller than the dog.
Long Adjectives:
more + adj. + than
The book is more interesting than the movie.
Short Adjectives:
the + (adj. + ‘est’)
This is the smallest cookie!
Long Adjectives:
the most + adj.
Pat is the most intelligent in his class.
Equalityas + adj. + as
Joe is as tall as Lindsey.
Does not exist
Inferiorityless + adj. + than
The shoes areless expensive than the dress.
the least + adj.
The second point is the least important.

A short adjective is an adjective with one syllable or two syllables ending in –y, -ow, -le, -er.
pretty → prettier
narrow → narrower
gentle → gentler
clever → cleverer

If the adjective ends with a single vowel and a consonant, this consonant is doubled for superiority.
big → bigger
fat → fatter

There are 3 important irregular adjectives:

A few key adverbs or phrases can guide you in the use of the SIMPLE present

AdjectiveComparative of superioritySuperlative of Superiority
goodbetterthe best
badworsethe worst
farfarther / furtherthe farthest / the furthest

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