Business English lesson 6 : Video’s CV

Beginner level / CECR : A2/B1

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Read the following text

How to write a résumé ?

The average résumé only gets six seconds of attention before the recruiter makes a fit or no fit decision.

Here are some useful tips that you can use to craft a great résumé. 

Well, think about the purpose of a résumé. A resume is a brief summary of your skills, your achievements, and your experience, and how those relate to the specific job or company that you’re applying to. So your résumé is essentially an advertisement, and just as advertisements come in all sorts of different forms, this means that there is no one way to craft a perfect résumé. All you can do is seek to make yours great. 

Actually, the first section will be your name and contact information. 

The next section should usually be your work experience. And the first thing about this section is that you should be putting your most relevant experience first, regarding the job that you’re applying for.  When it gets to a recruiter’s desk, using specifics and numbers are essential. 

The next step is the education section although, as a general rule, solid, impressive experience will matter more than the school that you attended. If you’re applying to a company that you know is looking for a specific skill, make sure that skill is listed on your résumé, if you’re actually proficient in it.

The last two sections are extracurriculars and awards. These sections can bolster the work experience on your résumé by showing the clubs and organizations that you’re a part of, by listing any leadership positions you have taken in those clubs, and by listing any awards, honors, scholarships that you’ve won as well. These sections are essentially a non-pathetic way of writing hard worker on your résumé.

Of course, crafting your résumé is just the first step to landing the job that you want, and alone, it is not a very strong tool. It needs to work in tandem with a well-tailored personal brand, a mix of online and offline platforms and methods of communicating and help you, to show off your skills and establish your expertise in your industry, and this includes things like a personal website with a portfolio and your social media platforms.

1️⃣ Learn the vocabulary:

a written description of the previous work of someone who is looking for a job at a college or university.
(Traduction : un CV)

to find new people to join a company.
(Traduction : trouver de nouvelles personnes pour rejoindre l’entreprise)

to hire, to employ

a small piece of advice about something practical 
(Traduction: une astuce / un conseil)

a hint

the thing that an action / something is supposed to achieve
(Traduction: un but)

an aim, a goal

something  somebody has done successfully especially using their own effort and skill
(Traduction: réussite)

fulfillment, success, realization, accomplishment. 

to attempt or desire to obtain or achieve sth.
(Traduction: chercher à atteindre)

Synonym: to search, to look for, to attempt

in spite of the fact that
(Traduction: bien que / alors que))

though, even though

able to do something well because of training and practice
(Traduction: compétent)

good (at), expert, skilled, competent

to improve something or make it stronger
(Traduction: renforcer)

contact, correspond

an amount of money given to somebody to help pay for their education.
(Traduction: une bourse d’études)

2️⃣ Read, listen and repeat the following sentences:

Here are some useful tips to craft a resume.

Traduction : Voici quelques astuces (conseils) pour rédiger un CV. 

You should be putting your relevant experience first.

Traduction : Vous devriez commencer par vos expériences notables (dignes d’intérêt).

All you can do is seek to make your resume great.

Traduction : Tout ce que vous pouvez faire est de chercher à rendre votre CV exceptionnel.

Crafting a resume is just the first step to landing a job.

Traduction : Rédiger un CV n’est que la première étape pour décrocher un emploi.

3️⃣ Written comprehension