Tense: Present continuous – Form

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Example with the verb: TO BE WORKING

Affirmative formNegative formQuestions
I am workingI am not working
(contraction : ‘m not working)
Am I working?
you/we/they are working I/you/we/they are not working
(contraction : aren’t working)
Are you/we/they working? 
he/she/it is working he/she/it is not working
(contraction : isn’t working)
Is he/she/it working? 


Basic ruleException 1Exception 2Exception 3
Just add -ing to the base verb:If the base verb ends in consonant + stressed vowel + consonant, double the last letter:If the base verb ends in ie, change the ie to y:If the base verb ends in vowel + consonant + e, omit the e:
work → working
play → playing
see → seeing
be → being
stop → stopping
run → running
begin → beginning
lie → lying
die → dying
come coming
mistake → mistaking

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