Business English lesson 7 : Describing your job

Beginner level / CECR : A2/B1

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Read the job description

Hiring a Training Manager

A training manager is supposed to have written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. He/she is expected to be a strategic thinker with fantastic organizational and time management skills, as well as an ability to multitask and to adapt in a fast-paced environment.

Top candidates will be innovative, strong decision-makers and outstanding facilitators of learning and change.

What are a training manager’s responsibilities:

He / she should be able to :

  • Identify and assess the training needs of the company through job analysis, career paths and consultation with manager
  • Develop individualized and group training programs
  • Implement effective and purposeful training methods
  • Effectively manage the training budget.
  • Evaluate organizational performance to ensure that training is meeting business needs and improving performance.
  • Assess employees’ skills, performance and productivity to identify areas of improvement.
  • Drive brand values through all training and development activities.
  • Effectively communicate with team members, trainers and management.
  • Manage the technologies and technical personnel required to develop, manage and deliver training
  • Keep abreast of training trends, developments and best practices.

1️⃣ Learn the vocabulary:

a type of product, service etc…offered by a particular company and sold under a particular name
(Traduction : Une marque: Un produit, un service fabriqué par une entreprise spécifique et vendue sous un nom spécifique : Ex : Nike, Apple, Sony, Samsung etc…)

trademark, mark

(of a narrative or series of events) moving or developing very quickly.
(Traduction : rapide)

fast-track, fast-moving

extremely good, excellent 
(Traduction : remarquable, excellent)

first-rate, excellent.

to make a judgment about the nature, the quality of something/somebody.
(Traduction : évaluer : porter un jugement sur la nature, la qualité de quelque chose/quelqu’un.)

to estimate, to rate, to gauge.

to make something that has been decided start to happen or be used. 
(Traduction : mettre en oeuvre : Faire en sorte que quelque chose qui a été décidé commence à se produire ou à être utilisé.)

to execute, to carry through, to apply.

to make something better than before/ to to become better than before
(Traduction : améliorer- amélioration) Rendre quelque chose de meilleur qu’avant / devenir meilleur qu’avant)

to upgrade, to enhance, to boost

in such a manner as to achieve a desired result.
(Traduction : efficacement)


to make sure you know all the most recent facts about a project 
(Traduction : se tenir au courant : s’assurer de connaître tous les faits les plus récents sur un projet)

to keep up (with.), to keep informed (of)

a general direction in which a situation is changing or developing
(Traduction : une tendance : une direction générale dans laquelle une situation évolue ou se développe.)

current, direction, drift, tendency

2️⃣ Read, listen and repeat the following sentences:

A training manager is supposed to have communication skills.

Traduction : Un responsable de formation est censé avoir des compétences en matière de communication.

Top candidates will be innovative and decision-maker.

Traduction : Les meilleurs candidats seront innovants et capables de prendre des décision.

A training manager should be able to develop training program.

Traduction : Un responsable de la formation doit être capable d’élaborer des programmes de formation.

He should assess employees’ skills and performance.

Traduction : Il doit évaluer les compétences et les performances des employés.

He should drive brand values through all training and development activities.

Traduction: Il doit promouvoir les valeurs de la marque dans toutes les activités de formation et de développement.

3️⃣ Written comprehension