Business English lesson 4 : Describing your company

Beginner level / CECR : A2/B1

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Read the dialog

Terry : Hi Jane I heard that you’ve started a new job. 

Jane : That’s right.

Terry : What are you doing now ?

Jane : I’m working as a salesperson for a major cosmetics brand

Terry : Well that sounds very different from your old job.
Are you enjoying it so far ? 

Jane : Yes it’s great. I’m responsible for making the sales goals every month for our new products.  I have to work hard to meet my deadlines,  but it’s really interesting work. I love the challenge.

Terry : How about your colleagues ? Are they easy to work with?

Jane : Absolutely!  They’re all really easy to talk to and are always willing to help me. There’s a nice atmosphere in the office because we all get along so well.

Terry : So, how long have you been working there?

Jane : Now I’ve been working there for six months.

Terry :  why did you choose that company? 

Jane :  The salary is good. It’s a great opportunity.

1️⃣ Learn the vocabulary:

true or correct as a fact
(Traduction: Vrai ou correct comme un fait)

true, accurate, correct, appropriate, certain, exact, perfect,  undeniable

Antonyms: wrong , false, inaccurate, incorrect

(plural: salespeople) : a person whose job is to sell goods in a shop
(Traduction: une personne dont le travail consiste à vendre des marchandises dans un magasin)

Synonymes: seller, salesman, salesgirl

type of product, service etc.made or offered by a particular company under a particular name. Examples: Nike- Coca Cola- Kellogg’s  etc…
(Traduction: Type de produit, service, etc. fabriqué ou offert par une entreprise particulière sous un nom particulier. Exemples : Nike- Coca Cola- Kellogg’s etc…)

Synonyms: trademark name, trade name 

the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. Something that you hope to achieve
(Traduction: le résultat ou l’accomplissement vers lequel l’effort est dirigé. Quelque chose que vous espérez atteindre)

Synonyms: purpose, aim, target, prospect

duty  to do something, I must.
(Traduction: devoir de faire quelque chose, je dois.)

to need to, to have got to, to be required to, to be obliged to

the time by which something must be finished or submitted, the latest time for finishing something
(Traduction: l’heure à laquelle quelque chose doit être terminé ou soumis, l’heure limite pour terminer quelque chose)

Synonyms: Limit, time limit, time frame

needing a lot of physical or mental effort.
(Traduction: nécessitant beaucoup d’efforts physiques ou mentaux.)

Synonyms: difficult, complicated

Antonyms: easy, simple

a new or difficult task or situation that tests somebody’s ability and skill
(Traduction: une tâche ou une situation nouvelle ou difficile qui met à l’épreuve les capacités et les compétences de quelqu’un)

Synonyms: disputing, demanding

to have a friendly relationship with somebody
(Traduction: Entretenir une relation amicale avec quelqu’un)

Synonyms: to concur, to conform

2️⃣ Read, listen and repeat the following sentences:

That sounds different from your old job.

Traduction : Cela semble différent de votre ancien travail.

I’m responsible for making the sales goals meet.

Traduction : Je suis responsable de la réalisation des objectifs de vente.

They’re all willing to help.

Traduction : Ils sont tous prêts à aider.

I work hard to meet deadlines.

Traduction : Je travaille dur pour respecter les délais.

3️⃣ Written comprehension