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Grammar in use

  • Topic : Present simple
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The present simple is a neutral, factual view of the present (time).
(Le présent simple est une vision neutre, factuelle du présent (time).)

State general truths, permanent facts
Énoncer des vérités générales, des faits permanents
 The earth revolves around the sun. 
Describe a state
Décrire un état
Maria is British
Quote / describe a fact / successive actions / make a neutral comment
Citer/ décrire un fait/des actions successives / faire un commentaire neutre
 She works near London. She plays golf, and enjoys meeting her friends. 
Talking about a habit / tastes
Parler d’une habitude/ des goûts
Maria takes the bus every morning. She likes coming home early at night.
Give a schedule
Donner un horaire
 The bus leaves at seven tomorrow, as usual
Express an opinion
Exprimer une opinion
She thinks that riding the bus is more pleasant than driving her car.
After when, as soon as, until
Après when, as soon as, until
 As soon as the bus arrives, she will get in and start reading the paper.

Adverbs generally used with the Present simple

A few key adverbs or phrases can guide you in the use of the SIMPLE present

never / hardly everoften / frequentlysometimes / occasionnallyseldom / rarely 
always / normallyusually / as usualonce a week / twice a month / three times a weekon SundayS / every Sunday / everyday

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